- Mindbending ASCII graphics!

- Myriad races, skills, attributes, and items to to choose from. Build your ultimate hero!

- Stop a power-hungry dungeon-dwelling madman from taking over the world, and beyond!

- The player and monsters can all be any race in the game.

- Games can be saved and loaded using bzip2 compression.

- A decent variety of dungeon levels: circular and rectangular rooms, caves, big open rooms, levels full of water, levels full of lava, and the very rare frozen level.

- A full experience system, with attributes, skills, and leveling.

- All creatures (the player and monsters alike) are governed by the same rules (more or less).

- A thirst system, with the need to keep finding water to survive. Water can be found in water bottles and fountains scattered throughout the Lair.

- A lighting system, using libfov. Be wary when your lantern goes out, for terrifying dark spawn and grues will spawn rapidly all around you. If you do get surrounded by such awful beasts, turn on a light, and watch them burn up!

- Rudimentary monster AI. Monsters can wander about, chase and attack the player with melee, flee the player when dying, heal themselves (with potions or just by resting in a safe place), and drink water to stay alive.

- Collect enough Runestones and escape the Lair of Loathing alive!


Escape began as a 7DRL for the 2011 contest. Unfortunately, it was a failure. It did not even have a name at the time of the contest's end.

However, I decided to continue developing it, as I had many fun ideas and I've always wanted to actually finish a Roguelike.

Thus, Escape from the Master's Lair was officially born...

You are a monster living out your life within a dungeon deep underground. You live to serve the Master.

However, the Master is becoming increasingly evil, and has begun to seek a forgotten and forbidden power. Fearing the results of this new thirst for power, you have taken it upon yourself to steal the Runestones, the source of your Master's new power, and escape from the Lair of Loathing with them.

Go forth, and achieve your destiny!

Escape is currently being developed for Windows and Linux, and is open source (released under the MIT License).