Other Games

This page holds any games that I have made that do not have their own pages. Everything on this page is free and open source.

This is a particle simulator that allows the creation of a number of different kinds of particles. It has some interesting features like weather (using cloud particles that decay into rain, snow, etc.)

I developed Rox to test my newly completed game engine, the Cheese Engine.
It’s a singleplayer and networked multiplayer game in which two players smash rocks back and forth, and try to score on one another.
It’s kind of like Pong but with a twist.
Also available on Google Play.

OpenGL Pong
Yet another simple pong clone. This one is actually simpler than the other two. It uses OpenGL for graphics.
Noticing the relatively slow framerates inherent in software rendering, I determined to learn how to use OpenGL to access hardware rendering.
OpenGL Pong is the product of this learning project.

Graphics Pong
Another simple pong clone, this time using SDL for graphics.
After making Ascii Pong, I determined to learn how to have actual (2D) graphics. So I learned how to use SDL while making Graphics Pong.

Ascii Pong
A simple pong clone, playable in a console window.
When I made this game, I only knew how to program simple little things for the Windows console.
I used Ascii Pong to learn how to make an actual game.