Current Version: 1.5.3

Update Instructions:

How you go about getting updated versions of the game depends on where you bought it.

If you have a problem and need some help, be sure to contact us at support@cheeseandbacon.org.


1.5.3 - 2016/02/12

- Fixed missing guide button for touch controller

- Fixed centering of hint messages on screen

- Added rectangle on worldmap to indicate player is over a level entrance

1.5.2 - 2016/02/10

- Adjusted controller deadzone

- Fixed save location being shown on achievements screen

- Decreased toy prices

- Changed default controls

- Fixed controller axis scrolling wildly around menus

- Fixed left edge worldmap exit bug

1.5.1 - 2016/02/06

- Improved error reporting/handling

- Slowed down some very fast NPCs

- Made the left level edge an exit

- Increased bee divebomb length

1.5.0 - 2015/12/30

- Updated compiler/libraries/build system (primarily upgraded to SDL2)

- Fixed game sound cutting out in Linux

- Fixed game crashing in Linux

- Fixed game freezing on close

- Removed profile system

- Ported the game to Android

- Added touch controller

- Disabled periodic saving of data

- Abandoned use of installer on Windows

- Switched to C++11

1.4.0 - 2013/7/19

- Updated compiler/libraries.

- Ported the game to Linux and OS X!

- Released the level editor for all 3 platforms.

- Open-sourced both the game and level editor.

- Added AI-controlled players for both multiplayer game modes.

- Added several new special items that grant new capabilities.

- The homing shot is now a special upgrade item that must be acquired.

- Added some secret areas to acquire the new special items.

- Added new stuff and areas to take advantage of the new special items.

- Added New Game Plus to SP Adventure. Every time you beat the game (beat all bosses and then Lighthouse), it gets harder and candy is worth more points.

- Added unlockable "toys" that can be purchased for candy.

- Difficulty was rebalanced, and now affects more things.

- The effect of difficulty on NPC counts was redone.

- Stunned NPCs now fade out after a while in both game modes. Can be turned off.

- Can no longer have MP players in SP modes.

- Friendly NPCs no longer die when the level ends.

- Sally now follows the player.

- You can no longer jump when Looking with a J-Balloon.

- Players should no longer ever get stuck in the ground at the bottom of slopes.

- You can no longer uncrouch when a solid tile is above you.

- Increased the camera's maximum vertical speed.

- NPC shots can no longer spawn inside solid tiles.

- Lowered the homing range for the player's homing shot.

- The player's homing shot now ignores targets that are friendly or behind solid tiles.

- Changed the main font to be more readable.

- Fixed the ammo box HUD icon looking weird.

- Rebalanced score/candy amounts

- The achievement sound no longer plays when a special item is collected.

- Added lava to the top of the volcano. Yikes!

- Improved the experience of the first level. Added signs, removed some enemies.

- Added signs to other levels explaining some things.

- Made bananas a little easier to see.

- Collectibles that you haven't gotten yet now show up on the map.

- Added a few new water music tracks that were needed due to new swimmable areas.

- NPCs are no longer capable of walking on water.

- NPC shots hitting levers no longer adds to the "Levers Shot" stat.

- Sound effect volumes fall off more quickly with distance.

- Fireworks are now affected by pausing the game.

- Players 2-4 default controls changed.

- Players other than Player 1 can now properly grab special items.

- If all human players are dead in multiplayer, Player 1 can press shoot to kill all the bots.

- Multiplayer setup info is now persistent.

- Switching to Hubert no longer resets special item states.

- Can no longer begin climbing while looking.

- The "toggle various windows" keys can no longer override the buttons on the Sound Test screen.

- Some minor level tweaks.

- Fixed the Buy Game link in the demo version.

1.3.0 - 2012/9/1

- Minor level tweaks.

- Non-mouse window navigation now skips the X button on all windows,

- Non-mouse window nav now defaults to button 1 instead of "no button selected."

- Some windows have more convenient default buttons.

- Switched End Game and Quit button positions.

- Some code cleanup.

- Will no longer crash if in Windows, saving in My Documents, and the "My Games" folder doesn't already exist.

- Increased the volume of the swimming sound effect.

- Swimming gear works again... ahem.

- Climbing players/NPCs cannot push other players/NPCs, and vice versa.

- The camera will now always keep up with the player, regardless of how fast they are falling.

- Made the loading screens slightly prettier.

- Changed the normal main menu background.

- Improved the checkbox graphics.

- Added a Survival success sound effect.

- All characters' slide sound will now play properly.

- Gave Sketch a better slide sound.

- Levels will now take up a bit less RAM when loaded up.

- Removed Adventure maps from Survival mode, at least for now.

- Added a new character: Penny!

- Added multiplayer capabilities to the game engine.

- Added two new game modes: Multiplayer Adventure and Multiplayer Survival.

1.2.0 - 2012/7/3

- Some minor level tweaks.

- The Up key (which already read signs) now flips switches as well.

- The Use key has been changed to the Change Character key. As the name implies, it changes your character.

- Character changing has been removed from the Options window.

- In addition to respawning, passing through a spawn box or checkpoint flag now changes you to the selected character.

- The demo has been completely revamped. Less annoying/more useful info on the game, and more of the game is accessible.

- In-level lighting no longer reveals secret areas.

- Made some interesting modifications to some levels...

- Added Captain Yellowbeard's treasure hoard.

- Added Captain Bluebeard's treasure hoard.

- Added lots more FUN!

- Tweaked some NPCs.

- Miscellaneous code cleanup.

- Added Survival game mode. On that note, there are now multiple game modes.

- There are currently 3 regular Survival maps, plus one Adventure Survival map.

- Wings from J-Balloon flash when it is about to run out.

- Added Independence Day things.

- Software cursor no longer displays when all windows are closed.

1.1.0 - 2012/6/13

- Fixed a static linking problem. Well, a potential problem, anyway.

- Updated libraries.

- Tweaked starting options.

- Added save_location.cfg. Defaults to a user-editable area. See readme.txt for more information.

- Harmless sea life is no longer multiplied on higher difficulties.

- Added tons of FUN!

1.0.0 - 2012/1/27

- Initial release version!