What is Galaxy Chomp?

Galaxy Chomp is a roguelike-like pilot 'em up space adventure.

What is a pilot-em-up? OK, we just made that up. A pilot 'em up is kind of like a shoot 'em up, except without all the shooting.

You see, in Galaxy Chomp, you pilot your ship from a top-down perspective, much like many other spaceship-y games. Much unlike many other such games, however, you do not control your weapons. You do HAVE weapons, sometimes in great supply, but they handle the targeting and firing themselves. All you have to do is fly your little ship through space and not get killed. How hard could it be?

In addition to the more tactical ship-controlling work, you'll also be handling more strategic problems like which ship parts to equip, feeding your crew, and so on. Do you engage that massive enemy fleet and try to wipe them out? Do you fire up your warp drive and blast past them? Perhaps you try to slip by unnoticed with your cloaking system. If you do fight, what kind of weapons do they have? Is your ship properly equipped to defend against them? Don't be the one who brings shields to a missile fight.

Broadly speaking, your goal is to collect some items scattered throughout a randomly-generated galaxy and bring them back to your home galaxy, which is being invaded by some seriously grumpy aliens. To do this, you will buy new ships to fly, upgrade them with tons of different parts (weapons, defenses, sublight engines, warp drive, other stuff...), refuel at stars, combat a wide variety of enemy ships, keep your crew fed, and more!

To collect all of the items you need for your quest, you will have to travel to the far reaches of the galaxy. The farther out you get, the more dangerous and untamed the galaxy will become.

As stated above, Galaxy Chomp has aspects of roguelikes. This means that if you die in Galaxy Chomp, you also die in the real world. Well, that isn't really true, but you DO have to start a new game. Death is permanent in Galaxy Chomp. The game is tough, and doesn't want you to win. At first, you might just try to get farther out from the galactic core than you did last time. Before you know it, though, you will be saving the galaxy and shooting for ever higher scores.

While the gameplay itself aims to be pretty hard, the interface shouldn't be. Galaxy Chomp will be easy to jump into, but it will take experience (and a little luck!) to master the game.

Tentative Minimum System Requirements


  • Windows XP/Vista/7 (32 or 64 bit)
  • Linux. Any (32 or 64 bit) distro from the last 2-3 years should work. Needs glibc 2.11 or newer.

Processor: 1.8 Ghz

Memory: 384 MB

Video Card: Card made within the last 4 years or so. Integrated graphics may or may not work. (All tests with integrated graphics have been fine, we just hesitate to promise, because sometimes integrated graphics can be funky.) Needs to support OpenGL 3.0 or newer, OR the framebuffer object extension (GL_ARB_framebuffer_object).

Hard Drive: 240 MB free space