Bit Beast 1.1.0 released

Bit Beast version 1.1.0 is now live!

Get it while it’s hot!

To celebrate this long-overdue update, Bit Beast will be on sale via Google Play from Jun 30, 2018 to Jul 7, 2018.

Here’s the full changelog for 1.1.0:

– Two new stats added: Dexterity and Stamina
These each function kind of like one half of strength
Strength is attack damage as well as health
Stamina provides extra health that must be removed before strength can be damaged, thus acting like a “shield”
Dexterity provides a damage bonus but gets used up as you attack,
thus giving you a large damage burst at the beginning of a battle
– Training now increases max Dexterity and max Stamina in addition to max Strength
– Each pet evolution branch now represents a distinct “class,” with its own unique set of stat priorities
– Added levels and experience. When you level up, you get stat points to spend on improving your stats
– Split the store into 4 separate sections
– Added “permanent” items which are one-time purchases kept in the yard
Rumor has it they have other benefits…
– Consumable items can now grant a wide variety of temporary buffs
– Added some new consumable items
– All consumable items now have a “primary affected stat,” which is what limits their use
I.e., most food items won’t allow you to eat them once your food bar is full
However, junk food won’t allow you to eat it once your HAPPY bar is full
– Weight now plays a larger role in things. Specifically, being obese (>30 kg) is penalized more
– The old win/loss ratio is multiplayer win/loss, and there is now a new singleplayer win/loss ratio, too
Note that old cemetery entries will look a little silly having “0” for so many new things
– Rewards for various activities are now all merged into one system, in which a Rewards window pops up after
you are done playing. This means that everything has experience and bit rewards
– Bit reward on battle victory scaled by max stat difference of opponents
– Max stat increase on successful training now scales by AI opponent difficulty
– Max stat gains from training are now capped on a per-tick basis
– Increased the rate of max stat gain from training
– Natural temperature change slowed dramatically
– Machine temperature change increased dramatically
– Temperature machines now shut off if they go very far past the optimum temperature
– Rewards for bricks are scaled based on number of bricks
– Added some more brick layouts
– Added powerups to the paddle games
– Added new sound effects throughout
– Improved paddle game AI and physics
– Added more brick layouts to Bricks
– A lot more things regenerate in real time now instead of every tick (15 minutes)
– You can now watch your Bit Beast consume things that you give it
– Changed a number of messages
They are theoretically more fun than ever!
– You can now view the status screen, clean the yard, and change the temperature setting even if your Bit Beast is dead
– Fixed some issues with Bit Beast death
– Bit Beasts are “cleaned” when they die
– There is only one sound effect for thought bubbles now
– Permanent items can now be dragged when Bit Beast is dead
– Pets will now properly center on held items
– Unusable buttons are now grayed out
– Fixed egg and tombstone being solid colors in the widget
– The widget will no longer create read error messages
– The widget now updates once every hour
– Added new information to the widget
– Improved widget scaling
– The widget now updates whenever pet data is saved
– Changed optimum temperature from exactly 20 degrees C to 20 +/- 1
– Reduced the age bonus for bits gained
– Improved the variety of shadow opponents. They are also tougher now
– Changed the way favorite food is stored in save data. Note that a Bit Beast from pre-1.1.0 will forget
its favorite food because of this
– Removed the screen orientation option
– Updated the Help screens
– Fixed numerous bugs where an Android configuration change would cause loss of data
– Balance tweaks
– Fixed bug with evolution branch choosing code
– Fixed major bug with food categories
– Fixed minor bug with food categories
– Fixed a few instances where speech would not wake up the Bit Beast
– Improved color picker dialog
– Improved RNG
– Fixed a bug where dialogs would display text in the wrong font
– Fixed a variety of image-related bugs
– Moved save data to internal storage
– Made file saving atomic
– Removed screenshot feature
– Improved permission handling
– Bit Beasts must be the same version to battle
– Made tick processing more deterministic
– Moved the project into Android Studio and updated build tools to latest versions
– Updated build target to latest version of Android (API level 27)
– Updated minimum API level to 21
– Minor code cleanup and improvements
– Minor graphical improvements
– And more!