Cheese and Bacon Games Birthday Celebration!

In light of Cheese and Bacon Games’ upcoming birthday (September 10), all of our games will be on sale from now until September 16th.

Hubert’s Island Adventure: Mouse o’ War is 70% off, costing a mere $2.99!

Bit Beast is 50% off, and now costs $0.99!
Also be sure to check out our Android live wallpapers on our Google Play app page.

Also, Hubert’s Island has received its first review by Christ Centered Gamer, which you can check out here!

Version 1.3 released!

Hubert’s Island Adventure: Mouse o’ War version 1.3 is now live!

This may well be the coolest update yet. There are tons of little tweaks and fixes as always, of course. But beyond that, this version adds cooperative multiplayer to both Adventure and Survival mode! There is also a new character, Penny, who is really fast and tough to control, but capable of impressive feats if you can master her.

Use those buttons at the top of this page to grab the demo, or purchase a copy for $9.99 right now!

Already own the game? Head over to the Updates page to learn how to update your game.

For this one, a clean install is required. That is always the best way to go, anyway.

On a sadder note, the Kickstarter failed. However, we determined to press on and do the update anyway. This version does not have everything we wanted to add (notably missing for now is saving in Multiplayer Adventure mode). Version 1.3 is the result of what we have added.

And looking to the future, we have put the game on Steam Greenlight, in the hopes of getting Hubert onto Steam one day. Check it out! If you like the game and/or want to see it on Steam, please rate it on Greenlight!

Here is the full changelog for 1.3:

– Minor level tweaks.
– Non-mouse window navigation now skips the X button on all windows,
– Non-mouse window nav now defaults to button 1 instead of “no button selected.”
– Some windows have more convenient default buttons.
– Switched End Game and Quit button positions.
– Some code cleanup.
– Will no longer crash if in Windows, saving in My Documents, and the “My Games” folder doesn’t already exist.
– Increased the volume of the swimming sound effect.
– Swimming gear works again… ahem.
– Climbing players/NPCs cannot push other players/NPCs, and vice versa.
– The camera will now always keep up with the player, regardless of how fast they are falling.
– Made the loading screens slightly prettier.
– Changed the normal main menu background.
– Improved the checkbox graphics.
– Added a Survival success sound effect.
– All characters’ slide sound will now play properly.
– Gave Sketch a better slide sound.
– Levels will now take up a bit less RAM when loaded up.
– Removed Adventure maps from Survival mode, at least for now.
– Added a new character: Penny!
– Added multiplayer capabilities to the game engine.
– Added two new game modes: Multiplayer Adventure and Multiplayer Survival.