At Last! A gameplay trailer!

Finally, enough of the game exists that I have been able to create a gameplay trailer that shows tons of never-before-seen levels, enemies, and features!

You will see:
-Bouncy Balls!
-Lush countryside!
-Ghost cows!
-A perilous climb up a mountainside!
-The mysterious J-Balloon!
-Sea turtle riding!
-The evil Captain Dakkar’s secret fortress!
-And more!

Check it out!

Desert Trailer

Happy belated Thanksgiving, folks! This trailer showcases a sort of… hidden level: Desert Walk. Your objective is simple: reach the other side. The only thing in your way? Miles of desert, with the occasional bit of ground jutting out into your path. This level might be a reference to something.

If you were hoping for some more juicy “when will the game be done” kind of news, then you are in luck! At the end of October, I was hoping to have the game done by the end of November. I was on track for this date, and things were going swimmingly, but then I got sick, and then Thanksgiving came (which, in retrospect, should have been better planned for in my schedule). Thus, the game’s release date is now “sometime in December.” Unless my house is hit by a meteor, the game will be out in December. Probably sometime before the middle of the month. I have a little Christmas update that I want to get out, so I plan to move on to that as soon as the game is out the door.

Later today, I plan on making a new gameplay video, as there are not nearly enough of those yet. It will showcase some of the new levels I’ve created since the last gameplay video (which is pretty much all of them!)