First dev journal

[Originally posted September 18th, 2010]

So, this is the first development journal for Hubert’s Island (somewhat tentative title, but I’ll probably stick with it). In these journals, I will document the development progress of the game, talk about different coding stuff, and generally keep everyone informed on the status of the game. Without further ado, here’s the first little dev journal:

Today, I finished up doors, and made the AI aware of those.

I optimized AI detection of walls, and did a few other minor things.

I also wrote a new image loading function for the hardware renderer, so it no longer requires an additional external library. The benefit of this change should be complete platform independence of the game’s code and libraries, as the library I removed was compiled using VC++ and I couldn’t get it to compile myself (and I worked on it for HOURS!).

To test out this hypothesis, I tried running the game on an emulated Windows 98, where it previously crashed immediately upon running, with some Microsoft-y error. Today, the game loaded up and ran quite well, and that was really exciting to see! I’m using Virtual Box, and as far as I can tell, Win98 has full access to one core of my CPU, so that might explain the over-100 fps I was getting.

But regardless, the system requirements of the game should be lower than I originally thought they would be.

After all of the work on the game, I worked on the site a little more, and all of the associated Cheese and Bacon accounts (Twitter, YouTube, etc). Then, I completely broke the site while trying to add a mod linking WordPress and phpBB together. Whoops. Anyway, I just fixed that, so everything should be cool again.