Cross-platform, ho!

[Originally posted September 21st, 2010]

I finished fixing up the new hardware renderer code, and got the screenshot function working again. I also fixed a worldmap collision bug.

With the renderer finished, the game is now platform-independent, so I hope to eventually release the game on Windows, Linux and Mac.

I tested the game on several different OS’s, just to see how it performs. On an emulated Windows 98 SE (via VirtualBox), it ran pretty decently in software mode (hardware mode blows up). In Linux, I tested it in Wine, and found that it ran quite well, but only in hardware mode. Software mode performed horribly. Then, I moved on to the main event, and got the game to compile natively in Linux (Opensuse 11.3). It runs quite well natively, so I’m thinking a cross-platform release is a real possibility.

Tonight, I decided to work on some level tiles, and I decided to throw out the slanted look I had been planning on, as it was going to delay the game far too much. I’m currently the game’s sole artist, and art is not exactly my forte, so anything that reduces art requirements is a Good Thing.

Here’s a screenshot of the slanted look that I was working on.

For a good look at the current direction I’m going, check out this video.