Cheese and Bacon Games
Based in Michigan, USA

Founding date:
September 10, 2010


Press / Business contact:

Twitter (@cheese_bacon)

Hubert's Island Adventure: Mouse O' War
Bit Beast

5638 Country View Drive
Allendale, MI 49401

+1 (918) 645-0714


Cheese and Bacon Games is an American independent game development company made up of Kevin and Aneissa Wells.


Early history

Cheese and Bacon Games was founded in 2010 by Kevin and Aneissa Wells to complete/release the game that eventually became Hubert's Island Adventure: Mouse o' War. Hubert's Island took about 2 years to develop. The company's next game was Bit Beast, a virtual pet for Android devices. Bit Beast was developed in about 3 months, and immediately outsold Hubert's Island many times over. This was followed by a dark period, mainly due to Kevin returning to school. The company's in-house game engine, the Cheese Engine, was heavily developed during this period, along with numerous smaller projects (some of them not even games). A couple of larger projects were attempted, but these proved too ambitious, and were eventually canceled. The only "commercial" work ultimately released during this period were a few Android live wallpapers, along with several updates to Hubert's Island and Bit Beast.

More recently

In 2015, work resumed in earnest on an actual game project. This project, a strategy game, is still under development. Cheese and Bacon is also currently working on a smaller arcade style title, to be announced soon.



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Kevin Wells on Twitter
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Kevin Wells' Personal Blog
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Team & Repeating Collaborator

Kevin Wells
Game Design and Programming, Cheese and Bacon Games

Aneissa Wells
Testing, Cheese and Bacon Games

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