On this page you will find links to all of Cheese and Bacon’s games. Large, awesome projects get their own pages on the website, while smaller ones are consolidated on the Other Games page.

In Development

It’s a secret to everybody

Commercial Releases

Bit Beast

Bit Beast

Bit World is a digital realm full of digital eggs. No one knows how this world came into existence, or where the eggs come from. However, what we do know is that using an Android device, coupled with this software, you can acquire one of these eggs. Once on your device, the egg will begin to mature and eventually hatch into a mysterious creature, known as a Bit Beast! Raise your Bit Beast well, pit it against other Bit Beasts in battle, and become an expert Bit Beast handler!

Hubert’s Island Adventure: Mouse o’ War

Hubert's Island Adventure: Mouse o' War

Zip and zap your way to victory! Hubert’s Island Adventure: Mouse o’ War is a 2D sidescrolling-platformer-action-adventure game set on a tropical island. You will control Hubert, or one of his friends, in a quest to rescue the kidnapped Sally and save the Island from the dread pirate Dakkar. However, Dakkar has covered the Island in traps and henchmen, and it will be no easy task defeating him and his 4 lieutenants! Hubert’s lovely picnic lunch has also been scattered across the Island, and it will be up to you to find the lost leaves and cheese. Work alone or with your friends in cooperative multiplayer mode! Can you recover the leaves and cheese, defeat Dakkar and his cronies, and save both Sally and the entire Island?

Free and Open Source

Cosmic Heist

Cosmic Heist

Cosmic Heist is an arcade-style game which might look like a shmup, but is really focused on flying (you have no weapons).
* Exciting arcade-style action!
* Pilot a stolen starship!
* Flee from 3 dangerous ship types!
* Avoid asteroids and other space debris!
* You don’t have any weapons!

Escape from the Master’s Lair

Escape from the Master's Lair

Escape began as a 7DRL for the 2011 contest. Unfortunately, it was a failure. It did not even have a name at the time of the contest’s end. However, I decided to continue developing it, as I had many fun ideas and I’ve always wanted to actually finish a Roguelike. Thus, Escape from the Master’s Lair was officially born… You are a monster living out your life within a dungeon deep underground. You live to serve the Master. However, the Master is becoming increasingly evil, and has begun to seek a forgotten and forbidden power. Fearing the results of this new thirst for power, you have taken it upon yourself to steal the Runestones, the source of your Master’s new power, and escape from the Lair of Loathing with them. Go forth, and achieve your destiny!

Vendor Trash

Vendor Trash

Vendor Trash is a game quite similar to Drugwars and other games of that nature. It is one part item trading game, and one part (simple) console-style RPG. You travel about the game world, which is currently under attack from one of several randomly generated evil scenario things. You trade items, traveling between different cities, and fighting in turn-based RPG battles along the way. From time to time, you are forced to make moral decisions which will have an effect (although currently fairly small) on the world.

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