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Support FAQ

Posted: 18 Jun 2012, 21:40
by Kevin Wells
The following is a list of frequent problems, issues, and questions (hopefully with useful answers to them, too!)

Issue: System lost all power while Bit Beast was running and now the game will not start (probably crashes upon attempting to start the game).

Explanation: This can happen if the system loses all power while Bit Beast is in the middle of saving data to the storage media. The save data can get corrupted when this happens, and corrupt save data causes the game to crash instead of loading up normally. This is always a problem when saving data (like how video games usually warn you not to turn off the power while they are saving your game), and is essentially unavoidable in software that saves something to some storage media. Bit Beast saves pet data fairly frequently (whenever it gets updated by you petting your Bit Beast for example), so if your system gets shut off while Bit Beast is running, save data corruption is a very real possibility.

Solution: Starting in version 1.1.0, saves are atomic, which should prevent this issue from occurring. Please update to the newest version of Bit Beast to prevent this issue.
If you are using an older version of Bit Beast, see the following explanation for older versions:
Unfortunately, there is no great solution for this problem once it has happened. Obviously you should do everything you can to prevent this by not letting your Android device die while the game is running, but sometimes accidents happen. The only real solution at the moment is to simply delete your save data and start anew. If you wish to do this, your save data is located on your external storage media in 'Android/data/org.cheeseandbacon.bitbeast/files'.