1.5.3 patch

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1.5.3 patch

Post by Kevin Wells »

No further problems have been found with the 1.5.3 beta, so I am making it the default release today. I've also added the original 1.5.0 version as a beta branch on Steam, in case anyone wants to continue using it.

The most important fix since 1.5.0 came in 1.5.1, and involved changing the save location of the game on some platforms. For more information, see this topic on the Steam forums: http://steamcommunity.com/app/431610/di ... 597907966/

Note that if the game worked for you in 1.5.0, and you did not opt-in to the beta(s), your save location may have changed now. I realize this kind of blows, but I think the best way to move forward is to get everyone on the same page, with a version that works on all platforms. There should be no further permissions issues now.

For reference, here is where the game previously (in 1.5.0) saved data for each operating system:
Windows: $USERPROFILE\My Documents\My Games\huberts-island-adventure-mouse-o-war\
OS X: /Users/<your name>/Library/Application Support/huberts-island-adventure-mouse-o-war/
Linux: $HOME/.huberts-island-adventure-mouse-o-war/

There is a Save Location button in the Options menu in-game that will tell you where your save files are located now. If your saved game has suddenly gone missing, this is probably why. It should still be located in the old save location, listed above. You should be able to safely move your old saves to the new location if you wish to do so.

Again, sorry for all of the confusion with this. It should all be sorted now, and I'll try not to muck it up in my future releases!

Changelog (since 1.5.0):

1.5.3 - 2016/02/12
- Fixed missing guide button for touch controller
- Fixed centering of hint messages on screen
- Added rectangle on worldmap to indicate player is over a level entrance

1.5.2 - 2016/02/10
- Adjusted controller deadzone
- Fixed save location being shown on achievements screen
- Decreased toy prices
- Changed default controls
- Fixed controller axis scrolling wildly around menus
- Fixed left edge worldmap exit bug

1.5.1 - 2016/02/06
- Improved error reporting/handling
- Slowed down some very fast NPCs
- Made the left level edge an exit
- Increased bee divebomb length
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