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Support FAQ

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The following is a list of frequent problems, issues, and questions (hopefully with useful answers to them, too!)

Issue: System lost all power while Hubert was running and now the game will not start (probably crashes upon attempting to start the game, or perhaps things are just wonky).

Explanation: This can happen if the system loses all power while Hubert is in the middle of saving data to the hard drive. The save data can get corrupted when this happens, and corrupt save data causes the game to crash instead of loading up normally. This is always a problem when saving data (like how video games usually warn you not to turn off the power while they are saving your game), and is essentially unavoidable in software that saves something to some storage media.

Solution: In <Hubert save data>/profiles/backups you will find backups for all of your profiles. These are only rarely saved to in a given run of the game, so if something goes wrong, the backup may very well save you. Just be sure to replace the profile folder with the backed up one immediately, because as soon as you load up the game with that profile, it will replace the backup with the regular save data again.

Issue: Where is my save data stored?

Explanation: To see where your save data is located, simply go to the Options menu in-game and click the Save Location button.
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