1.5.1 beta patch

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1.5.1 beta patch

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I've decided to start posting patch notes here instead of on the front page, to keep things cleaner. Without further ado, here is the first patch for Hubert post-Steam release:

- Beta update available on Steam to address permissions problems (game not starting, etc.) in Windows.
- Update potentially changes default location for save files on various operating systems.
- The Options menu now has a Save Location button.
- Worst case: You may have to manually move your save files to the new location, or start the game over.
- I know this is all stupid, I screwed up.

I've uploaded a beta version of 1.5.1 to Steam for testing. There are a few minor tweaks here and there, but the big change is save location:

There are two possible save location settings: 'local' and 'home'.
The 'local' setting saves data in the game directory.
The 'home' setting saves data in a user-specific and game-specific location that varies by operating system.
The default setting is 'home'.

This has been a source of trouble for some people on Windows, as the game wants to save in My Documents, but apparently there are sometimes permissions issues there (maybe just in newer versions of Windows?), which I was unaware of. Due to these issues, I have decided to change where the game saves its data in the new update, which is largely why I am leaving it as an opt-in beta for the moment.

For reference, here is where the game previously saved data for each operating system:
Windows: $USERPROFILE\My Documents\My Games\huberts-island-adventure-mouse-o-war\
OS X: /Users/<your name>/Library/Application Support/huberts-island-adventure-mouse-o-war/
Linux: $HOME/.huberts-island-adventure-mouse-o-war/

The game uses a code library called SDL for handling a lot of stuff like input from the keyboard, saving files, etc. This update tells the game to use SDL's preferred location for save data for each operating system, as the SDL developers are much more knowledgeable than I am in this area (obviously!) For the curious, here is a link to some documentation on the exact SDL function I am now using: https://wiki.libsdl.org/SDL_GetPrefPath

To help with this transition, I've added a Save Location button to the Options menu in-game that will tell you where your save files are located. The downside to all of this comes into play if your save files were located in one place under 1.5.0, and will now need to be in a new place for 1.5.1. I realize this might be a weird solution (I'm so sorry!), but I decided it was better to fix the game for the long-term, rather than leave it broken.

To try this update on for size, just open the game's properties window in Steam, click on the BETAS tab, and select 'beta - 1.5.1 beta'.


1.5.1 - 2016/02/06
- Improved error reporting/handling
- Slowed down some very fast NPCs
- Made the left level edge an exit
- Increased bee divebomb length
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