Hello from Russia

Raise a virtual creature known only as a Bit Beast.
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Hello from Russia

Post by Arny » 23 Aug 2012, 05:03

Greetings from Russia, Kevin)

Bit Beast i realy amazing)
I'd like to know some things about game process:
1) how temperature affects the growing of the beast?
2) how his weight can help him on a battle?
3) is that possible in some future to connect and fight with other beasts not only via bluetooth but via mobile internet too?

Thank you and sorry for my english)

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Kevin Wells
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Re: Hello from Russia

Post by Kevin Wells » 28 Aug 2012, 17:04

Hello! Terribly sorry for the belated reply, I've been off dying of the plague (or maybe just a sinus infection).

Thanks for the praise! :-)

Now, for your questions:

1. The best temperature is 20 C.
Keeping the temperature within a few degrees of this is one of the requirements for your Bit Beast to grow into his senior form, which is a special improved form after adult that not all Bit Beasts will reach.
Over time, your Bit Beast will gain or lose happiness depending on how close the temperature is to optimum.
Whenever your Bit Beast gains maximum strength, he gains less or more depending on how close the temperature is to optimum.

2. Weight affects battles in two ways:
A fatter Bit Beast will attack more slowly, causing the other Bit Beast to attack first.
A fatter Bit Beast also has a harder time landing hits in a battle.

3. There are no current plans for adding any additional methods of connecting for multiplayer, but it is not impossible.
If I ever get my hands on a couple of devices with NFC (near field communication), I might play around with that, at least.

Я говорю очень немного по русский. Я изучал русский язык в университете.

I bet my Russian is worse than your English :-)

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