Everything on this page is free and open source.

Self-Harm Tracker
Self-Harm Tracker is an app for tracking instances of self-harm. It is designed to be used to quickly input information when an instance of self-harm occurs, giving the user an easy way to track their emotional well-being.
The app can be used to track instances of actual self-harm, but it also tracks instances of the user feeling the urge to self-harm but ultimately resisting that urge.
Available on Google Play.

Wells Weather
A simple weather app for Android. Uses the NWS API for weather data (which is now deprecated).

Cheese Engine
This is the engine powering both Cheese and Bacon projects as well as my personal projects.

This is an Android app that simply displays readouts from the various sensors (if they are present). It also displays a few other values, derived from the sensor values (it calculates absolute ambient humidity, etc.)
Also available on Google Play.

Gravity Vector Field
This is another gravity simulation, this time implementing gravity as a field of vectors. It’s kind of like my other gravity simulations, but much slower (and it doesn’t work as well either!)

Android USB Browser
This is a file browser for Android that works via ADB. If you want to use it, please (please!) use the latest version (seriously, there are buggy alpha versions on there, and you do NOT want to use those). At this point, Aneissa and I have both been using it without any issues for a few months, and I’ve put a good deal of effort into ironing out any kinks. At the very least, it should not erase anything on your phone (which it did do at one point!)
I created this because Aneissa and I both got the Samsung Galaxy S4 from AT&T, which includes a locked (and encrypted) bootloader, which means we can’t put a custom kernel on the phones without things exploding, which means we can’t use Cyanogenmod, which means we are using a custom rom based on the stock kernel, which unfortunately doesn’t support regular USB file browsing currently.
P.S. Thanks AT&T for ruining a perfectly good phone.

Spaceship Physics
This is just a very simple simulation of spaceships with Newtonian physics.

Gravity Simulator
This is just a very simple simulation of gravity using stars and planets.

I watched a video about the Enigma machine and that made me want to make my own similar computer version. This is the result.

Android Live Wallpapers
Cheese and Bacon-y Android live wallpapers. Once commercial releases, these are now available for free!

Minecraft Server Backupifier
A simple backup program for Minecraft servers.
I made this program to help me keep backups for the Minecraft server I am running.

D_O Chat
A simple networked chat program. Works over a LAN, the internet, etc.
I made this program to learn how to program networking stuff. It uses RakNet, which is awesome by the way.

Floating Point Colors
This little tool just displays a rectangle of color. You can manipulate the color of the rectangle, and see what the red, green, blue color value is in floating point form.

Dark AI
An AI for StarCraft: Broodwar. Much more difficult than the regular StarCraft AI. This thing cheats like crazy, and is mainly designed for playing on money maps (Fastest Map, etc.)