About Us

Who Are We?

Cheese and Bacon Games, LLC is an independent game developer founded in 2010 by myself, Kevin Wells, and my wife Aneissa. By founded, I mean someone said “let’s call it Cheese and Bacon Games,” and a website was setup. Sometime later, the actual paperwork was filed. Before I go on about our vision for world domination and game development, let me tell you who we are.

Kevin Wells

While my official title here is “Chancellor of Design and Development”, I actually have many jobs (like Chief of Cheese Acquisition). Thus, I wear many hats. So many, in fact, I might have to hire some kind of Chief of Hats pretty soon.
While all of the hat-wearing and cheese-chiefing may sound glamorous, I actually have to make games, too.
I design games, code games, draw for games, compose for games, make sound effects (for games), and write for games. Somewhere in there I sleep and play games. And that, dear friends, is a fairly accurate depiction of life at Cheese and Bacon Games. Perhaps it is as glamorous as it sounds.

I also have a personal blog: https://matrix.to/#/#amulets-and-arrows.blog:wells-family.xyz

Aneissa Wells

Aneissa is our “Vice President of Bacon.” She helps with brainstorming sessions, serves as an idea bouncee, and provides critical support on design and writing. She is also our lead tester.

Our Vision

Now, what are we about? Cheese, bacon, or games? We believe that a company can be about all three. Here are some more things we believe in:

We believe in gameplay over snazzy graphics. We work to create games that will be enjoyable for years to come, not just until the next cool technology comes out. That is not to say that we dislike fancy graphics, awesome music, etc., but gameplay is our top priority.

We believe that a game doesn’t have enough polish until you can see your reflection in it.

We believe in creating games that are fun for the whole family.

We are staunchly opposed to intrusive DRM (and most any kind of DRM, really). As gamers ourselves, we know that being treated like a criminal for purchasing a game is absolutely unacceptable. We believe that satisfying our customers takes precedence over protecting our games from theft.

We firmly believe that you and your whole family (or a group of your friends) should be able to play a multiplayer PC game together with one copy of the game.

We support the tenets laid out in the Gamer’s Bill of Rights.