#BecauseWeMay sale!

Now, how is this for an offer? Hubert’s Island Adventure: Mouse o’ War is 70% off from now until June 1st! You heard correctly: For the next week, Hubert’s Island is a mere $2.99!

Buy it now!
Or if you’d prefer, buy it through Indievania!

For more information about Hubert’s Island, check out the Hubert’s Island game page, here!

As an added bonus, let’s just knock the price of Bit Beast down 25%, shall we? We’ll call it a #BecauseWeMay/release sale!

Go grab Bit Beast for a trifling $1.49! Hurry!

For more information about Bit Beast, check out the Bit Beast game page, here!

All of this is because of the awesome #BecauseWeMay Sale, so go check that out! Tons of other excellent indie games are on sale all week!

Bit Beast is released!

Bit Beast is now released for Android!

You can buy the game for $1.99 right here!

For more information on Bit Beast, check out its game page!

Raise a virtual creature known only as a Bit Beast!

Bit World is a digital realm full of digital eggs. No one knows how this world came into existence, or where the eggs come from.

However, what we do know is that using an Android device, coupled with this software, you can acquire one of these eggs.

Once on your device, the egg will begin to mature and eventually hatch into a mysterious creature, known as a Bit Beast!

Raise your Bit Beast well, pit it against other Bit Beasts in battle, and become an expert Bit Beast handler!

Bit Beast is a virtual pet inspired by the great toys from the 90s. You raise and care for your Bit Beast by feeding him, cleaning him, giving him medicine when he is sick, playing with him, and so on.

Now, thrill to some screenshots!