Hubert’s Island is now in alpha!

My apologies for the sparse updates on Hubert this year. I plan to begin posting updates more regularly leading up to the release, which shouldn’t be too far off, now!

As the title says, the game is now in alpha. It has actually been in alpha for about a week. Testing has been quite useful thus far, and I’ve been gathering bug reports and feedback on the gameplay. Additionally, work has finally begun on the creation of the actual levels (yay!) There are two levels now complete, and I am working on another today. Aneissa has been trying her hand at drawing up some levels as well, so look for her levels coming soon!

I have also been making some pretty major optimizations, and the game can now run much better and on lower-end systems. Along with the optimizations, I have added a software renderer. There was already a software mode in the past, but it was eventually removed because I couldn’t get it to look close enough to the hardware mode. That is no longer the case, and software mode has returned!

Here is a video showing the software rendering mode in action.

And here is a video demonstrating the two levels that are currently in.