Work continues!

It has been a while since the last update, but work on the game continues. For a few months, most of my focus was on a couple of other projects, but now I am back on Hubert’s Island 110%. A couple of days ago, I finished the last of the NPCs. I have also finished implementing all of Hubert’s moveset. I’m currently working on lots of miscellaneous things, such as finalizing the level file formats, fixing bugs, and tweaking things here and there. Here is the current version of the roadmap for the game:

Phase 1 Complete!

Phase 2 Complete!

Phase 3
-Create a script for the whole story, and all of the levels and cutscenes.
-Create all the level artwork for all of the levels.
-Create the actual levels.

Phase 4
-Create the bosses/boss levels.

Phase 5
-Create the menu system and get it all hooked up.
-Implement stats/achievements.
-Implement cutscenes.

Phase 6
-Clear the To Do List.

Phase 7
-Add the animated main menu graphics/effects.
-Add in any remaining sound effects.
-Create the music for the game.

Note that most of the items on the roadmap are actually partially complete already, and a few of them are done save for dotting some i’s and crossing some t’s. The To Do List mentioned in the roadmap is basically a list of miscellaneous little tasks, bugs, balance issues, tweaks, graphical improvements, etc. that need to be handled. It grows and shrinks all over the place on most days.

I’ve made another short video of a test level, and that should be up later today.