Keep movin’, movin’, movin’

Work has still been slowed recently, as I continued recovering from the flu, and then began moving to a new apartment (again!). Due to the move, we’ve been all over the place lately, so I’ve not had a whole lot of time to work on the game. However, I did begin something new over the past week or so. I’m trying my hand at re-writing the game’s physics system, which should eventually lead to a smoother, sweeter game. That’s coming along fairly well, but I put that work into its own branch, so I’m not wholly committed to it yet. Finishing the game is more important. Stay tuned for more! Same cheesy time, same cheesy channel!

There be monsters!

I’ve had the flu over the past week or so, so work has slowed. I did get a little done whilst I was dying, though. The world map is finished. I’ve been working on traps and npcs, as well as some little miscellaneous things here and there.

One cool new addition is the monkey, which immediately became my favorite npc by far. He throws bananas pretty rapidly, and if you stick a few in a room, it becomes QUITE deadly :-D

Here’s a little video of me playing around in a test level I whipped up tonight.