An island rises from the sea

Apologies for the dearth of updates over the past couple of months. Work on the game continues, although there was a bit of a pause during the holidays for visiting family, etc. Tonight, I am trying to finish creating the world map. The Island has risen from the sea, and now landmarks and level are beginning to appear across its surface. Once this is finished, there are only a few little things here and there that need to be done before Phase 1 is complete. I hope to finish with these things within a week. From there, it gets harder to estimate, because the bulk of the remaining work is creating content, which might take longer than expected due to tweaking, reworking, etc. Anyway, I’ve worked on little bits and pieces of the other phases as I’ve gone along, so there is at least something there already.

As I predicted when I originally laid out my roadmap, I have not finished the game anywhere near my projected release date. However, I do hope to finish within the next couple of months. Let’s say an early March release. This date, of course, will be wrong. I just like setting them.

On a side note, I have spent some of my free time over the past few (or couple? I don’t remember when I started, exactly) months working on the game that should follow Hubert’s Island. I could actually probably finish it first if two of me worked on it and Hubert’s Island for the same amount of time each day. But Hubert’s Island remains the priority, until it is released. Speaking of Hubert’s Island, I am strongly considering changing/modifying the title of the game in some way, due to its similarity to a certain Australian island.