Gameplay video

I’ve uploaded a video to Youtube showcasing the game’s current features and gameplay. It ought to be a good demonstration of what the game currently has, and should give you a good idea of what the game will look like.

I changed the size of the cow so it wasn’t a tiny toy cow compared to Hubert. I also fixed a bug with platform movement, and tweaked moving platforms a bit.

I added a couple of new AI variables, allowing greater control over things such as the cow’s mooing. I also tweaked some numbers here and there in the AI code.

Sound effects have been added for a number of new events, including levers, splashing in water, and more. I also tweaked some sound effects to sound better/not burst eardrums.

I redid some of the tile artwork, and added what I’m calling “clutter” tiles. So ground, walls, etc. can have random rocks and such embedded in them, making scenes more varied and pretty and whatnot. The backgrounds got some more attention, too, although I plan on completely redoing these at some point, since I’m still not really happy with them.

I’m moving ever closer to the major level push, wherein I will pretty much just be adding levels/level artwork for a while. Only a few features still need to be implemented before I can do that.

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